Innovative Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Effective Wildlife Overpasses

This report compiles ideas and recommendations from a facilitated workshop in October 2014, where prominent wildlife crossing practitioners from the U.S. and Canada to consider the unique nature of wildlife crossing structures. Identifying ways to reduce costs in order to improve the feasibility of widespread implementation of wildlife crossings.

Roadways and Wildlife Safety Infographic

Briefly introduces adverse effects of roadways on wildlife, proposes researched solutions, and informs the reader of ways to get involved in implementing said solutions.

High-Risk Zones for Ungulate-Vehicle Collisions During Montana’s Fall Migration Season

This report identifies short sections of highway that present the highest risk of collisions between vehicles and large ungulates during fall. It utilizes data on the frequency of wildlife carcasses recorded along highways by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) as an indicator of the relative risk of wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVCs) across Montana. It aims

Identifying Corridors Among Large Protected Areas in the United States

To identify which land units are most important for sustaining structural connectivity, authors used the composite map of corridors to evaluate connectivity priorities in two ways: 1) among land units outside of the pool of large core protected areas and;  2) among units administratively protected as Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) or Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs).

Large Landscape Conservation: Addressing the Realities of Scale and Complexity

This article discusses that the imperative to conserve large or complex systems requires the social pre-conditions be established to develop trust and common ground to maintain conservation and science at scales directly relevant to the systems in question. A coupling of locally based approaches, in a networked framework across vast ecosystems, not only influence conservation,

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