USBN Launches Biweekly Biosphere Bites Virtual Seminar Series

On March 13, 2024, the US Biosphere Network (USBN) launched the “Biosphere Bites” biweekly seminar series. The 30-minute talks take place every other week on ZOOM to give biosphere regions and partners an opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, and resources across our national and international networks. These informal, virtual presentations are designed to connect the USBN to local, regional, and international partners and highlight the important work that is being done in biosphere regions to improve the human connection to nature and make progress towards the sustainable development goals.

The early “Biosphere Bites” talks have featured a variety of topics and presenters including: 

All USBN “Biosphere Bites” talks are recorded and posted on the USBN YouTube channel. To stay up to date on future “Biosphere Bites” talks visit our Biosphere Bites webpage. Sign-up to present or propose a topic for an upcoming USBN “Biosphere Bites” talk using this form.  Note: “Biosphere Bites” will take a summer hiatus in the months of July and August and return Wednesday, September 11th at 12pm ET. 

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