Rick West

Recent Past President & CEO, Autry Museum of the American West Los Angeles, California

Sarah Epstein

Professional Independent Recipe Tester/Editor Palo Alto, California

Kat Lyons

Kat Lyons

As the Conservation Project Coordinator, Kat facilitates the Climate Advisory Group in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership. With an interdisciplinary background in environmental science and policy, Kat has focused on how conservation practitioners translate science into conservation strategies. She has had the opportunity to work at the local, regional, and national levels with

Barbara Lausche

Conservation Law and Policy Fellow Chair IUCN WCPA-CCSG Marine Connectivity Working Group Director Marine Policy Institute, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium Sarasota, Florida

Braden Hance


As a Conservation Associate, Braden provides broad support to all of the Center’s program areas. Primarily working with the Corridors and Crossings team, Braden helps to implement various ongoing projects related to ecological connectivity and road ecology.  With a background in ecology and geographic information systems, Braden brings experience in scientific research to the center.

Rebecca Watters

Rebecca Watters

Rebecca joined the CLLC team in 2021 to support the climate and community resilience program. She has worked on interdisciplinary projects for wildlife conservation in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem since 2005, when she conducted master’s work on wolves and human communities in Wyoming. She also has longstanding ties to Mongolia, where she has worked since

Sara Pearce

Sara Pearce

Sara Pearce is joining CLLC through her term of service with AmeriCorps and Big Sky Watershed Conservation Corps. She will be acting as a Conservation Intern with the Climate Resilience Program, providing a helping hand in education and outreach, project planning and development, and community support in the changing world. In December of 2019, Sara

Amrita Neelakantan

Lead Policy Coordinator Building a Foundation for Linear Infrastructure Safeguards in Asia Coordinator Network for Conserving Central India Gurugram, India

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