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With a mission to conserve life on earth by reconnecting our natural world, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation is the hub of a growing global movement to reverse the fragmentation of the earth’s landscapes and restore nature’s resilience to climate change.

What Drives Us

More than half the earth is developed, causing widespread fragmentation and disruption of the natural processes that sustain life on the planet. Human health, species survival, and the ability of nature to withstand the impacts of climate change are all at risk.

The scale of the problem is vast—and it requires a large-scale solution.

How We Work

We develop science, craft policy, and support planning for use by more than 2,000 community-based conservation efforts. Together with our partners, we form a world-wide network of conservation professionals, scientists, and decision makers. 

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About Large Landscape News

Large Landscape News is a place to find news, updates, announcements, and information about emerging issues related to large landscape connectivity.

Check back often for stories that emerge from our work, news from around the global connectivity community, policy updates, new research, and more.

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