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Creating safe passage for people and wildlife

Animals need to move. By doing so they shape and maintain the landscapes in which they live. Migratory species transport seeds, pollinate plants, and control pests. They also help shape the cultural identities of the people who live in these landscapes.

We use science such as spatial models and maps to help planners identify how and where animals move across the landscape, and how people help or hinder that movement. We apply this knowledge to support on-the-ground action, from helping wildlife safely cross roads to identifying and protecting vital lands.

Reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions in the Greater Yellowstone

We use scientific tools to identify important wildlife movement corridors and wildlife-vehicle collision hotspots. Working together with local, state, federal, and tribal highway agencies, we seek to reduce wildlife deaths and increase connectivity. We’re currently working with local partners in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to implement the first ever countywide Wildlife Crossing Master Plan in Teton County, Wyoming.

Learn more about the benefits of Highway Crossing Structures for Wildlife and Innovative Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Wildlife Overpasses, as developed by the Center and its partner, ARC Solutions.

For more information about our scientific and technical tools and for assistance, contact Senior Policy Analyst, Renee Callahan.

Mammoth Hot Springs in the winter

ARC (Animal Road Crossing) Solutions

ARC Solutions integrates science and award-winning design in an interdisciplinary approach to make our highways safer for both people and animals throughout North America.

We do this by raising awareness about wildlife crossing structures, and fostering new thinking, new methods, new materials, and new solutions in their placement, construction, and design.

Visit Arc Solutions or contact Senior Policy Analyst, Renee Callahan.

ARC Solutions is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Center.

Banff National Park wildlife crossing overpass

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