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Promoting large landscape conservation

As the benefits of large landscape conservation gain traction worldwide, there is an immediate need to develop and promote policies and laws that allow wildlife and plants to move freely across the landscape to meet their life needs.

The Center is actively developing legal policies and provisions to advance corridors and connectivity conservation areas at the international, federal, state, and local level.

Creating a national system of connected landscapes

We’re working with partners to develop bipartisan support for a national system of connected lands to protect native wildlife and plants within the United States. We have helped draft a national Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act to brief elected and community leaders, the media, and voters on the essential roles large landscapes play in the conservation of life on earth.

Read our Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2018.

For more information on legislative solutions, contact Senior Policy Analyst, Renee Callahan.

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Connectivity policy toolbox

Together with our partners, we’ve summarized opportunities for legislators to advance wildlife connectivity at the state and local level. The toolbox covers six key topics aimed at advancing efforts to identify, protect, and continually fund wildlife corridors and connectivity conservation. The provisions also suggest opportunities to incentivize private landowner conservation of wildlife.

View the Connectivity Policy Toolbox.

For more information, contact Senior Policy Analyst, Renee Callahan.

Created in partnership with National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Endangered Species Coalition, and Wildlands Network.

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