Kendra Hoff

Kendra joined the Center in 2017 and provides administrative, communication, and program support to the Centers many networks. During college, she worked as a forestry technician, wrangler, and bartender. After graduating, Kendra enjoyed working for Montana Trout Unlimited doing fundraising and outreach. Kendra enjoys riding horses, fly fishing, running, and knitting. Education B.S. in Natural

Tyler Creech

Tyler helps the Center and its partners apply scientific tools to landscape-level conservation, with a focus on preserving landscape connectivity for wildlife populations and mitigating impacts of climate change. Tyler has broad experience in landscape ecology, conservation biology, genetics, and systematic conservation planning. He has conducted ecological research in many parts of the western U.S.,

Deb Kmon Davidson

As the Vice President for Partnerships and Advancement, Deb directs fundraising, financial management, and strategic planning for the Center and its conservation programs. In addition to overseeing program and organizational development, Deb ensures implementation of regranting processes for the Center’s fiscally sponsored projects. Deb also provides leadership on human resources, program administration, board development, communications,

Gary Tabor

As Founder and President, Gary guides the Center with a vision grounded in science and practice, drawing upon more than 30 years of experience working on behalf of large-scale conservation efforts in Africa, South America, Australia, and Canada, and 12 years within the U.S. environmental philanthropic community.  Gary’s conservation achievements include the establishment of Kibale

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