Remarkable Beyond Borders: People and Landscapes in the Crown of the Continent

Potential pathways to shape the future of the Crown of the Continent—a remarkable region shared by Canada, the United States, First Nations, Native American tribes, and diverse communities and stakeholder groups. The Crown has long inspired action by committed individuals and forward-looking organizations, whose good work provides a solid foundation for shaping a future based

Large Landscape Conservation: A Strategic Framework for Policy and Action

Convened by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at The University of Montana, the dialogue participants sought to synthesize what we know about large landscape conservation and to identify the most important needs as we move forward. They also generated and provide a link to a

Cost–Benefit Analyses of Mitigation Measures Aimed at Reducing Collisions with Large Ungulates in the United States and Canada: A Decision Support Tool

Wildlife-vehicle collisions, especially with deer, elk, and moose are numerous and have shown an increasing trend over the last several decades in the United States and Canada. This provides in depth cost-benefit analysis of wildlife-vehicle collisions, introducing a valuable decision making tool for determining mitigation measures to reduce ungulate–vehicle collisions.

A Checklist for Ecological Management of Landscapes for Conservation

This article makes an assessment of the major themes and issues related to Ecology and Conservation. Highlights the importance of landscape mosaics, interactions between vegetation cover and vegetation configuration, using an appropriate landscape conceptual model, and maintaining the capacity to recover from disturbance; lay out management approaches in an adaptive framework; and propose areas for

Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions

This assessment of climate change addresses trends, case studies and scenarios. Bold initiatives and innovative measures spearheading a properly funded, well-insured clean energy transition can create the blueprint for a sustainable engine of growth for the 21st Century.

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