Partnership Spotlight: The Salazar Center

Salazar Center for North American Conservation

We are pleased to feature one of our valued partners: the Salazar Center for North American Conservation, founded in 2018 at Colorado State University. The Salazar Center supports and advances the health and connectivity of the natural systems and human communities of North America. Their intersectional approach builds bridges that connect academic research, community practice, and policy development, with a focus on both large landscapes and urban environments.

An emphasis on climate resilience and racial equity is woven throughout the Salazar Center’s work. Flagship programs include an annual international symposium on conservation impact in September and a series of incentive prizes designed to spur innovation.

The Salazar Center and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation have partnered on several landscape-scale conservation initiatives. Leaders from both organizations serve as key members of the Executive Committee of the Network for Landscape Conservation and, through the Network, collaborated on a report on inclusive conservation.

The two Centers are currently engaged in a series of virtual forums about collaborative conservation along the US-Canada border, which will culminate in this year’s Salazar Center fall symposium, featuring high-level decisionmakers from the US and Canadian governments, as well as Indigenous nations.

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