Partner Spotlight: Termaine Edmo

In our second installment of our Native American Heritage Month Partner Spotlight series, we sat down with Termaine Edmo, the Climate Change Coordinator for the Blackfeet Tribe, to discuss her journey to climate resilience work and her goals for the Blackfeet Nation. When asked what brought her to the field of water quality and climate adaptation, Termaine noted that it all began with a gardening club.

Stories of Indigenous-Led Conservation

Today, the state of Montana still recognizes “Columbus Day,” but the Center for Large Landscape Conservation chooses to recognize and celebrate a different holiday: Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Indigenous Peoples’ Day began in 1989 as an alternative to Columbus Day, the purpose of which is twofold: to counter the celebration of Christopher Columbus, who many–particularly tribal and indigenous people–say represents “the violent history of the colonization in the Western Hemisphere,” and to honor and and celebrate Indigenous peoples. 

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With a mission to conserve life on earth by reconnecting our natural world, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation is the hub of a growing global movement to reverse the fragmentation of the earth’s landscapes and restore nature’s resilience to climate change.

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