2023 Annual Report: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

We are pleased to share with you the Center for Large Landscape Conservation’s 2023 Annual Report, which features many of our activities, accomplishments, and partnerships from the past year. It highlights how, with your support, we are making strides to advance ecological connectivity for climate resilience worldwide through science, policy, practice, and collaboration. 

In the 2023 Annual Report, you can read:

  • At a Glance: quick facts about our work in 2023

  • Key accomplishments from our US Program, International Connectivity Program, and Fiscally Sponsored Projects 

  • Spotlight on our Science team’s work and how we use 4 science approaches to connect and conserve landscapes

  • Our financial statements for Fiscal Year 2023 and a peek at the Center’s new Strategic Framework

  • A look at how we’re informing state, national, and international policies that reconnect habitat and facilitate large-scale conservation.

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