Convention on Migratory Species CoP-14

Advancing Connectivity Solutions for the Convention on Migratory Species

Three team members are representing the Center for Large Landscape Conservation at the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS/CoP-14). Held every three years, this conference is being held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan from 12-17 February 2024. Along with experts, scientists, and stakeholders, the now 133 country “Parties” to the Convention will convene under the motto ‘Nature Knows No Borders’ to advance efforts around the world for conserving migratory species, their habitats, and migration routes across and beyond national boundaries.

The Center is honored to participate as an official NGO Observer to the convention and contributor to its activities. While in Uzbekistan, our team will lead and support a number of informative side events, as well as follow negotiations that will include considering the endangered status and management of specific species, examining country reporting on progress, setting priorities in updated policies and the new 2024-2032 strategic plan, and adopting a budget for implementing overall aims.

On occasion of this important event, we are providing the following information and resources related to advancing connectivity conservation during CMS/CoP-14:

Featured Events

Official side event: “New Frontiers for Ecological Connectivity – From Policy to Implementation”

New Frontiers For Ecological ConnectivityDate: Tuesday, 13 February
Time: Evening Session – 18:15-19:00
Location: Silk Road Samarkand Congress Centre – Expo Centre / Ferghana Room

Please join us for this event, led by the Center for Large Landscape Conservation and co-organized with multiple partners, which brings together participants to share information about efforts around the world that are moving connectivity conservation from discourse to implementation. The program includes an overview of policy developments, as well as presentations from governments and experts highlighting collaborative initiatives, projects, and activities that are advancing connectivity conservation.

This official CMS/CoP-14 side event is supported by USAID and the ALIGN Project (Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature).

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Special event: “Global Partnership on Ecological Connectivity”

Date: Wednesday, 14 February
Time: 13:45-14:30
Location: Silk Road Samarkand Congress Centre – Main Building / Snow Leopard Room

This special event marks the launch of a new multi-stakeholder network of partners that will include the Center for Large Landscape Conservation as a core partner advancing efforts to address key priorities, address gaps, and scale-up connectivity conservation activities at national, transboundary, and international levels. The Partnership will draw together governments and institutions from around the world to scale-up and leverage action and funding to advance and achieve global commitments and national and local priorities for ecological connectivity. 

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Other Events & Resources

  • Stream Of Events Flyer 1Overview: Connectivity Stream of Events
    Happily, there are a great number of side events that will address the topic of ecological connectivity during CMS/CoP-14. We have curated this list to highlight additional events, including lunch and evening sessions and special events, and assist attendees in planning their participation.

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  • Policy primer: Preparations for CoP-14
    This news post was prepared by the Center for Large Landscape Conservation to provide insights into some of the documents and decisions that are being considered at CoP-14 specifically addressing ecological connectivity and the impacts of linear infrastructure on migratory species and their habitats.

  • Assessment of Wildlife and Protected Areas of Turkmenistan 2023
    The Center for Large Landscape Conservation and our partners are associated with a number of projects operating across Central Asia. Some of these projects will be featured in events during CoP-14 and this Report highlights activities and related information gathered for better securing the conservation of Turkmenistan’s iconic species and unique ecosystems. It includes an overview of monitoring efforts of wild cats and other wildlife, the conservation status of protected areas and other important habitat, and provides a set of general and reserve-specific recommendations – based on observations, discussions, and camera trap data – directed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

  • IUCN Position Paper
    As part of hosting the Secretariat of the IUCN WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group, Center for Large Landscape Conservation CEO Gary Tabor is also serving as part of the IUCN Delegation to CoP-14. IUCN has a dedicated website featuring some of the publications created with CLLC support, and the official IUCN Position Paper presents comments and considerations integrating our input.


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