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Western Governors' Association’s Wildlife Corridor Initiative

The Western Governors’ Association's (WGA’s) Wildlife Corridors Initiative was unanimously approved by sixteen western states in 2007 as a framework for wildlife corridor and crucial habitat conservation. The governors subsequently passed wildlife policy initiatives in 2010 and 2013 to move this effort forward. Originally, CLLC staff served on four of the WGA’s policy working groups.  The Wildlife Corridors Initiative developed policies and tools to assist states in identifying and conserving crucial wildlife habitat and corridors, coined Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools (CHATs). Throughout the west and at the state level, CHAT tools seek to inform federal, state, local and private development plans and projects. With a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, CLLC and the Western Transportation Institute partnered to support the WGA’s effort to develop strategies to better incorporate the western states’ new wildlife habitat data into western federal, state, local and tribal transportation projects. In the fall of 2015, we completed the 2-year project, the results are explained in a final report which can be downloaded here. You can read the Executive Summary here.  The western states’ CHAT initiative has now migrated from the Western Governors’ Association to the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (, who are managing its implementation.