Terry Tatsey

Terry Tatsey

Senior Advisor

Terry Tatsey served as an elected council member of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council from 2016-2020, and served as the Vice-Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, representing the tribes of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho and advocating for funding and improvements in services to the respective tribes.

Terry’s Blackfeet name is Maistowahtsis (Crow Tailfeathers) and a respected leader and advocate of Creators Natural World, Native livelihoods, agriculture, education and the future of the Niitsitapi people. 

He is the former Director of Institutional Development and Department of Agriculture for the Blackfeet Community College, and was instrumental in the planning and development of the Blackfeet Community College’s (BCC) campus. Terry served in various leadership positions for 23 years at BCC, including as its Department Chair of Natural Resources and the land grant director.

Terry is a founding Board member of the First Americans Land Grant Consortium (FALCON), a founding Board member of the Indian Nations Conservation Alliance (INCA) and founding member of the Blackfeet Tribal Natural Resource Conservation District.  He has served as a tribal college representative on the Policy Board of Directors at the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU), on numerous USDA committees and task forces, and as a leading voice on tribal land grant policy and programs.

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