Annika Keeley

Annika Keeley

Senior Conservation Scientist

At the Center, Annika provides science leadership and advises on connectivity projects and programs across the organization. She works with the management team to guide the Center’s science strategy.

Annika has a broad background in ecology and conservation biology and has focused on ecological connectivity in her studies and work. She has contributed papers on modeling and measuring connectivity, implementing connectivity, and designing climate-wise connectivity. As member of the Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group, she helped write the IUCN ‘Guidelines for Conserving Connectivity through Ecological Networks and Corridors’. As a co-author, she helped update the book ‘Corridor Ecology – Linking landscapes for biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation’ with the most current science, including a new chapter she wrote on climate-wise connectivity. In her work, she has also applied adaptive management to ecological programs and projects and synthesized and communicated best available science by organizing workshops and symposia, and communicating technical information to agency, stakeholder, and academic representatives, and the general public.

When she is not working Annika enjoys spending time in nature, creating clay mugs, and reading good books.


  • Ph.D. in Forest Sciences, Northern Arizona University
  • M.S. in Wildlife Biology, Southwest Texas State University
  • B.S. in Zoology and Botany, Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada

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