A double rainbow over a mountain covered in forest

Abigail Breuer

Senior Program Officer

Abigail brings her background in in project development and management in complex landscapes and research with inter-disciplinary teams in US and global contexts to the Center. As Program Officer, Abigail contributes to strategy, research, and project development in order to further the ability of agency, industry, nonprofit and community partners to forward on-the- ground habitat connectivity.

Abigail has examined emerging practices by farmers, ranchers and herders on coexistence with wildlife and regenerative agriculture across several continents on behalf of food and textile industry partners, and contributed to standards through which for profit entities integrate conservation into their supply chains. Abigail also has extensive experience with community- based conservation projects in southwest Montana.

Outside of work, Abigail helps with local watershed restoration efforts and enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, gardening and more.

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