Ecological Policy Compendium Series

U.S. Policies to Conserve Ecological Connectivity, 2007-2021


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Awareness of the importance of ecological connectivity—the degree to which landscapes allow wildlife to move freely and ecological processes to function unimpeded—is on the rise. In response to growing understanding that connections among natural areas are key to species survival, a number of recent policy initiatives focus on conserving wildlife corridors and migratory pathways, reconnecting habitat areas, and developing highway crossings for wildlife.

The Ecological Connectivity Policy Compendium includes the most significant federal and state policies enacted from 2007 to 2021 in support of connectivity. It also includes a sample of regional, tribal, and county connectivity policies.

The Compendium shows that decision-makers are using a wide array of policy tools to restore, maintain, and/or enhance connectivity.  These include statutory mandates, legislative guidance and non-binding resolutions, regulations, land use planning requirements, mechanisms for interagency coordination, public grants, and financial incentives for private landowners.

In this new publication, the Center expands upon its work to monitor, review, and document connectivity policies. The Compendium collates policies highlighted in earlier volumes published in 2010, 2016, and 2019, and adds new policies from the years 2020 and 2021. Showcased in sequence, these policies demonstrate initial efforts and expanding work to address the transboundary challenge of stitching back together wildlife communities and ecosystems across the nation.

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State Habitat Connectivity Policy Map 12.10.21

This map represents the status of U.S. state habitat connectivity policies as of December 2021. Click map for an enlarged, printable version.
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