The Center for Large Landscape Conservation works in partnership with governments, nonprofit organizations, universities, and networks of professionals across six continents.


World Wildlife Fund

“Working in partnership isn’t always easy. But it is when one of those partners is CLLC. They manage to smooth over the most fraught situations and effectively connect people, as well as the wildlife that is their mission. This combined with their deep content expertise and knowledge make them invaluable colleagues of WWF.”

~ Wendy Elliot, World Wildlife Fund International



California Landscape Stewardship Network

“CLLC provides expertise and vision incubating, guiding and building capacity for cross-boundary landscape conservation and stewardship networks. This leadership is critical to expanding connectivity and participation in this essential work.”

~ Devin Landry, California Landscape Stewardship Network



Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

“From locally in the U.S. Rockies to globally, Y2Y works together with CLLC to advance specific crossing structures across roads or standardize work on global connectivity. Our collective impact is stronger due to this partnership.”

~ Kelly Zenkewich, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative



Boise State University

“Working with CLLC provides a rare opportunity to combine cutting-edge analyses with on-the-ground conservation. The ability to link their network of collaborators with the landscapes they hope to conserve is unmatched.”

~ Matt Williamson, Boise State University

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