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Assess. Protect. Evaluate.

Assessing Linear Infrastructure Threats to Great Apes and Gibbons in Three Key Landscapes

Apes, which include critically endangered species such as gorillas and orangutans, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of linear infrastructure (LI) development as their forest homes become further fragmented and human disturbance increases. As part of its work on the A.P.E. (Assess. Protect. Evaluate.) Project to address the threats from rapidly expanding LI development in Africa and Asia, the Center for Large Landscape Conservation coordinated and hosted the webinar “Apes and Linear Infrastructure Development.”

In the following webinar recording, experts share a variety of solutions to address the impacts of LI on great apes and gibbons, with an emphasis on collaboration. They also discuss case studies highlighting the efficacy of canopy bridges and identify areas in need of further research.


Individual Presentations:

The following videos are excerpts of individual case study presentations from the full webinar recording above.








Learn more about the A.P.E. Project and read the Final Report here.

The A.PE. Project was made possible through a generous grant from the Arcus Foundation.

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Banner Photo: Hoolock Gibbon – Adobe Stock

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