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Road Planning and Design to Protect Northwest Montana Wildlife Corridors

In partnership with the Sonoran Institute and the Western Transportation Institute, and with support from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, we have developed road design recommendations to mitigate wildlife-vehicle conflicts in key wildlife linkage areas in northwest Montana, a crucial landscape spanning the Crown of the Continent and Cabinet-Yaak ecosystems.

Using residential growth projections, future traffic scenarios, corridor models for wide-ranging carnivores, and road ecology science, we identified priority sites where wildlife-vehicle conflicts are expected to increase in the future.  We evaluated these sites in the field with local wildlife biologists and transportation planners, and together developed recommendations for road design standards to promote driver safety and wildlife connectivity. 

This effort was unique in that it projects development into the future and identifies potential problem sites years before the impacts arrive, giving managers time to form partnerships and to cooperatively prepare for safe and wildlife-friendly growth.

 Priority Sites for Highway Mitigation in NW Montana