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Ecological Connectivity Policy Group

CLLC is a leading organizer and participant in a policy group of more than 20 organizations seeking to shape and influence federal and state policies in order to increase attention for wildlife corridor conservation. Key strategies include: advocating for federal agencies to institutionalize the identification and protection of corridors in their management plans and projects; providing key information and language for national and state policies and legislative efforts to safeguard wildlife corridors and ecological connectivity; and working with other conservation groups to encourage processes that designate extraordinary corridors and provide them with special protections.

Ultimately, we are working to develop and enact a national Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act that will empower local communities and other interested stakeholders to identify and link protected areas and other crucial habitats. CLLC, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and Wildlands Network have jointly hired a national policy coordinator in Washington, D.C. to support the efforts of the Ecological Connectivity Policy Group.