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We lay the groundwork for a future of large connected natural areas—intact landscapes that support wildlife while offering all the benefits of nature to those who live, work, and play nearby. We advocate for policies, plans and strategies that champion large landscape conservation via federal, state and local initiatives.

Our goal is simple—to lend our policy expertise where it can best advance ecological connectivity. To that end, we create effective policies, strengthen existing ones, and refine those yet to be adopted. We encourage agencies and organizations to create wildlife-sensitive solutions within their priorities for management and practice, advising them in the process. As policy evolves, we help decision-makers and managers incorporate new requirements into their programs and on-the-ground work.

Transforming policy requires open collaboration—especially working on such a large scale. We unite diverse conservation organizations, leading a collective approach to advancing policy. Partnering with organizations, agencies, and visionary leaders, we’re ensuring healthy, intact landscapes for the future of both wildlife and people.