Rebecca Watters

Rebecca Watters

Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca joined the CLLC team in 2021 to support the climate and community resilience program. She has worked on interdisciplinary projects for wildlife conservation in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem since 2005, when she conducted master’s work on wolves and human communities in Wyoming. She also has longstanding ties to Mongolia, where she has worked since 2000 and runs a wildlife research program in conjunction with the Ulaan Taiga Protected Areas in Huvsgul Province. Her work bridges and integrates traditional and Western scientific approaches and promotes the resilience of wildlife and human communities. Species of particular interest include wolverines, pikas, and high-elevation butterflies.

Rebecca grew up in Massachusetts and currently alternates between living in Bozeman, Montana and Ulaan Uul, Mongolia. She writes fiction and non-fiction in her spare time, occasionally leads month-long ski expeditions in search of Mongolian wolverines, and is skilled at both horseback and reindeer riding.


  • M.S. in Environmental Science, Yale School of the Environment
  • B.A. in Anthropology, St. Lawrence University

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