Angelina L. Gonzalez Aller

Angelina L. González-Aller

Communities Program Officer

Angelina comes to the Center with a background in public policy and years of experience as a research and policy analyst at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico. In 2018, Angelina received a PhD in political science, specializing in racial and ethnic studies, health disparities, and U.S. congressional policymaking. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, having lived in both Spain and Mexico. Angelina has worked for the United States Congress on multiple occasions, with experience on labor, housing, immigration, and health policy issues, including the development of the 2014 Health Equity and Accountability Act. Angelina is now living in Bozeman where she works on the Center’s Climate Resilience Program. Born and raised in the Rocky Mountain west, Angelina is fond of all things outdoors, and can often be found outside reading, skiing, hiking, and climbing.


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, University of New Mexico
  • M.A. in Political Science, University of New Mexico
  • B.A. in Spanish, University of New Mexico

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