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From South Asia to Eastern Europe to the Rocky Mountains of North America, we work with communities across the globe to help protect and restore the integrity and natural connectivity of the landscapes within which people live and work. We’re proud to partner on everything from climate adaption planning and natural resource management to best practice trainings for local leaders.

Comprehensive planning requires community leadership, local knowledge, and skilled facilitation. It calls for science, technology, and diplomacy. It depends upon trust earned over time.

Protecting landscapes for bears and people in Romania

In 2018, biologists and land managers from Romania’s Carpathian Mountains visited the Center and toured American Prairie Reserve, Blackfeet Reservation, and Glacier National Park. Later that year, we visited the Carpathians. With dramatic increases in human use and visitation, both ecosystems are suffering an alarming loss of biological diversity and landscape integrity. We exchange strategies for reducing brown bear-human conflicts, management technologies, and best practices related to road ecology and mitigation, as well as ways to engage community support for change.

For more information about this project, contact Associate Director, Deb Davidson.

Castle in Transylvania region of Romania

Finding the words: Helping leaders talk about climate change

The impacts of climate change—increasing storms, fires, floods, and temperatures—are threatening property, health, and budgets. Educators, healthcare professionals, and government officials all struggle with how to talk about it, as do community organizers and faith leaders. We offer tools, language, and strategies to help people engage their communities.

Looking for assistance? View our Guidebook for Montana Communities Preparing for a Changing Climate and recent presentation on protecting landscapes to protect human health or contact the Climate Resilience Program Manager through Melly Reuling.  

Students at brown bag lunch at the University of Montana Native American Center

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