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Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Ecological Connectivity Project

Connectivity has been identified as a high priority objective for the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC), a voluntary network of partners who work across boundaries and jurisdictions and share data, science and capacity to address common landscape conservation goals.  The Ecological Connectivity Project aims to develop an ecological connectivity conservation strategy for the GNLCC. It identifies coordinated or collaborative action to conserve the region’s intact and connected landscapes by facilitating species movement, genetic connectivity, migration, dispersal, life history, and other biophysical processes.

As part of this effort, CLLC has facilitated development of a Connectivity Data Atlas and a Resource Managers’ Workshop for the GNLCC.  The data atlas was created to help answer the question, “What do we know?” about ecological connectivity in the GNLCC region and to provide a scientific resource for managers and decision-makers.  The workshop sought to move connectivity science into practice by strengthening the diverse partnerships needed for effective connectivity conservation; providing a forum for managers to communicate successful strategies and tactics for conserving connectivity; and generating recommendations for short-term priorities and a long-term strategy for enhancing connectivity across the GNLCC. 

The project kicked off in April 2015 with a well-attended and productive workshop that sparked forward momentum, constructive ideas, new partnerships, and great interest in applying and growing the connectivity data atlas resource.  We are now continuing to facilitate this effort by engaging GNLCC partners in additional place-based workshops, expanding and sharing access to connectivity science through the connectivity data atlas, and catalyzing implementation of recommendations generated by the inaugural workshop.

For resources from the GNLCC Connectivity Workshop from April 2015 (agenda, workshop materials, maps & presentations) click the Workshop Resources link at right. 
For access to the GNLCC Connectivity Data Atlas on Data Basin, click the Atlas link at right.
For a webinar introducing the data atlas and how to use it, click the Webinar link at right.

GNLCC Data Synthesis Map