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Faith Leaders Engaged in Landscape Conservation

To promote intact ecosystems and sustainable communities, we work hard to integrate all stakeholders who live within, and value the landscapes around them. However, we find that faith groups and spiritual leaders have been absent from collaborations and conversations. Faith leaders are deeply rooted in the moral fibers of their communities and are trusted as a source of wisdom and spiritual motivation, while oftentimes offering rich discussions of landscapes and ecology through sacred texts.

There is already a body of work focusing on the connections between the environment and the beliefs, celebrations and traditions of faith groups.  What actions to take and how to make use of this understanding in the context of large iconic landscapes with many stakeholders is more challenging. CLLC is facilitating open discussions in a one-year pilot initiative in the Crown of the Continent to engage the role of the faiths and traditions in established large landscape collaborations, and to develop tools and next steps for integrating the faiths and traditions into a conservation model for global application.