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Susan Higgins

BS Biology, St. Lawrence University
MS Natural Resources Management, University of New Hampshire

Sue Higgins comes to us with a 30-year career in water resources management, policy and education in Montana and internationally. She began her career as water planner for the state of Montana, and water research and education manager at Montana State University. Sue most recently finished eight years of project management with The Tributary Fund where she facilitated research activities, leadership exchanges, and species protection planning in Mongolia, Bhutan and Montana. On the fish disease end of things, Sue administered the Whirling Disease Foundation, helping to fund scientific collaboration on the pervasive salmonid whirling disease. She continues to assist the Taimen Fund in its work to protect Hucho hucho taimen, the world’s largest salmonid.

A trained facilitator, Sue has been actively engaged in water education and has authored guides for practitioners, educators and landowners on topics such as wetlands management, streambank stabilization, and river basin protection. Sue is the producer of a handbook and documentary film: “Headwaters to a Continent.”  Sue servied as a member of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent staff team, providing planning and fundraising for two international Crown Roundtable conferences. She now manages CLLC’s Faith and the Environment program and is a team member of CLLC’s Drought Mitigation program.