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Peggy Eby

PhD Univeristy of New England

BA Zoology, Colorado College

Dr. Peggy Eby is a wildlife ecologist with a longstanding interest in the flying foxes of south east Australia. She uses field studies and long-term (>25 year) datasets to explore the behavioural responses of flying-foxes to food resources that vary widely over large areas, focusing on migration, feeding ecology and patterns of dispersion. Her current interests include conservation of large-scale habitat connectivity for nomadic pollinators; the influences of behavioural responses to environmental change on human-bat conflict in urban areas; understanding the ecological drivers of disease emergence in Australian flying foxes; and using strategic habitat restoration to reduce disease risk and human-bat conflict. Peggy is working with CLLC on the Habitat for Health program, an National Science Foundation-funded initiative to restore key habitat for bats on private and public land. She works with policy makers and stakeholders to develop and promote practical conservation and management outcomes. Peggy runs a private consultancy and holds an adjunct position in the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.