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Marcelo Lima

Cambridge Conservation Forum - Connectivity Conservation Work Group Chair

IUCN - WCPA member/Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group - Brazil Lead

IUCN - CEM Member

ARPA - Amazon Region Protected Areas Programme Scientific Advisor

Biologist, PhD in Ecology

Marcelo is a Brazilian conservation biologist and landscape ecologist with over 20 years of professional experience working on connectivity conservation and protected areas implementation and effectiveness. His work on riparian corridors in the Amazon rainforest for vertebrates was, in the late 90s, one of the first studies connectivity conservation in Brazil which he later expanded to the Cerrado, the Brazilian megadiverse savanna. Bridging the gap between science and policy is one of his passions and he worked with and for many NGOs such as Conservation International and WCS as well as for the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment where he managed the National System for Conservation Units. He has also been a consultant for the government on the critical analysis of large scale infrastructure such as dams in the Amazon and their effects on vertebrates, protected areas and local communities including the many indigenous groups in Brazil.

At the international level, Marcelo developed a connectivity conservation strategy for UNEP while working at the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge, UK, where he resides. In Cambridge he chairs a connectivity conservation work group inside the Cambridge Conservation Forum which is part of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative which has a campus inside the University called the David Attenborough Building. He also a member of the Amazon Region Protected Area programme’s scientific advisory panel, supporting one the world’s biggest and most successful conservation initiative, a multimillion dollar program that supports the implementation and effectiveness of protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon. He is also an active member of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas’ Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group where he is a Brazil Lead and focal point in Cambridge.

In the past, Marcelo worked as a naturalist and Zodiac driver doing small ship exploration cruises which gave him the opportunity to transmit his passion as conservation biologist to a large audience and also to pilot 18-foot inflatables in exciting places along the South American coast and in the Amazon River and tributaries . Marcelo hopes to support and represent the CLLC when needed and bring new, exciting projects to Center.