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Charles van Rees

PhD Candidate

Water Diplomacy, IGERT

Tufts Institute of the Environment


Charles is working with CLLC as part of a National Science Foundation Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Fellowship, bringing his training in stakeholder analysis and freshwater ecology to our conservation initiatives. Charles will also help expand CLLC's international conservation network by making visits with other groups around the world. As a Ph.D candidate at Tufts University, Charles studies the impacts of landscape development on extinction risk in wetland birds. His dissertation work focuses on the movement behavior and population connectivity of the Hawaiian gallinule on the island of Oahu. As a fellow for the Tufts Institute of the Environment and the Water Diplomacy program, he designs frameworks for improving the integration of ecological research into integrated water resources management. Charles is also the advisory ecologist for the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, a grassroots conservation organization in Eastern Honolulu. Outside the office, Charles enjoys mixed martial arts and playing the ukulele.