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Andrew Gregory

Assistant Professor of Spatial Ecology

2017 BGSU master Teacher

2016 BGSU Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

School of Earth, Environment and Society

Bowling Green State University

Phone: 419-372-9369 Skype:Andrew.gregory65

Dr. Andrew Gregory is an assistant professor of spatial ecology and genetics in the School of Earth Environmental and Society at BGSU where he directs the Genetic Research and Applied Spatial Ecology Lab (GRASE-LAB). He also holds research adjunct faculty appointments at South Dakota State University and the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Dr. Gregory specializes in the application of theory-based science for natural resource management. He sits on numerous state and federal resource planning committees and frequently collaborates with state and federal agencies to address knowledge gaps to better manage declining wildlife populations. He has published >35 papers on how landscape structure affects gene flow and population genetic subdivision, reciprocal interactions of natural resources and human use of natural resources, and how changes in the scale at which impacts are assessed influences our mechanistic understanding of wildlife population dynamics. Gregory has been involved with the corridors project since its inception and has visited nearly 90 wildlife linkages in over 30 countries worldwide. He is currently supervising research projects in Kenya, Germany, and throughout the US. Andy is always interested in talking to potential future GRASE-LAB members and collaborators about research opportunities with GRASE-LAB (