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Collaborating Partners and Agencies

COLLABORATION is essential to our mission. We engage with organizations, communities, agencies, and businesses to conserve nature by connecting people across cultures and geographies. We work in partnership with diverse stakeholders to facilitate powerful solutions to large-scale environmental challenges.

These are the collaborating partners and agencies with whom we have shared funding, cooperated on conservation efforts, or engaged in mutual support. (Inclusion in this list does not imply an endorsement.)

  1. Americorps
  2. ARC Solutions
  3. Australia Wildlife Conservancy
  4. Blackfeet Community College
  5. Blackfeet Conservation District
  6. Blackfeet Environmental Office
  7. Blackfoot Challenge
  8. Bush Heritage Australia
  9. Confederated Salish and Kootenay Tribes Environmental Office
  10. Confederated Salish & Kootenay tribes
  11. Conservation Science Partners
  12. Defenders of Wildlife
  13. Environmental Protection Agency
  14. Federal Highway Administration
  15. Future West
  16. Global Green Roads
  17. Globescapes
  18. Greater Yellowstone Coalition
  19. Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee
  20. Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  21. Heart of the Rockies Initiative
  22. High Divide Collaborative
  23. International Union for Conservation of Nature
  24. Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  25. Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation
  26. Landscape Conservation Cooperative Council
  27. Miistakis Institute
  28. Montana Conservation Corps
  29. Montana Department of Natural Resource Conservation
  30. Montanans for Safe Wildlife Passage
  31. Montana State University Landscape Biodiversity Lab
  32. Montana State University’s Western Transportation Institute
  33. National Drought Resilience Project
  34. National Parks Conservation Association
  35. Nature Needs Half
  36. North Central Climate Science Center
  37. One Montana
  38. Patagonia
  39. Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent
  40. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
  41. Teton Conservation District
  42. The Nature Conservancy
  43. The Wilderness Society
  44. The Wildlands Network
  45. University of Montana Center for Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
  46. University of Queensland Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions
  47. US Fish and Wildlife Service
  48. US Forest Service
  49. Western Governors Association
  50. Wildlife Conservation Society
  51. World Commission on Protected Areas
  52. Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative