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We are proud to have coordinated one of the first large-scale climate adaptation efforts in North America, the Adaptive Management Initiative (AMI) of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent. The AMI funded 45 climate adaptation projects throughout the Crown’s 22 million acres, allocating a total of $800,000. This suite of projects, selected by the Crown Roundtable review committee, was designed to engage a variety of stakeholders across the landscape and create collaboration among, tribes, First Nations, rural communities, non-profits,  agencies, and faith leaders, all in an effort to build a more resilient, connected landscapes for both wildlife and people.

We facilitate wide-reaching networks by creating venues that invite deeper participation and increase our collective impact. We organize an annual conference, host workshops and webinars, and keep stakeholders updated with a monthly newsletter and conference calls. With our support, stakeholders share ideas and learn from each other to implement forward-thinking climate adaptation strategies. AMI participants are continuing to collaborate on initiatives strategically chosen for their potential to build resilience into the Crown’s natural and human communities.

While we consider participatory conservation on such a large scale a worthy achievement unto itself, we’re striving to make the AMI a model for finding solutions that can transfer to other landscapes—replicating successes around the Crown, the nation, and even the world. To that end, we are working on similar initiatives regionally with the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative. We’re also working through the Practioners Network to share ideas at a national scale.